The Juniors are the youth team playing under the name of SouthWest Jr. Rollin Lobos. Their ages range between 6 and 18. They practice alongside the Kings and independently depending on practice schedules and time in the season (or offseason.)

Like the adult team, the Juniors are taught a variety of basketball skills including speed training, maneuverability, shooting, dribbling, passing, basketball rules, and scrimmaging.

Our goal for the junior team is to get the proper experience and training to succeed as adults. This means…

  • Have fun! We love working with the juniors, we have events both on an off the court, we love to smile and enjoy life!
  • Make new friends and create new relationships by traveling and participating within and outside of our community.
  • Learning the importance of hard work and discipline.
  • Discovering the joys and lessons of competition.
  • Meeting and making new friends and around the nation.
  • Preparing for the future. We’ll help the kids by introducing them to college coaches (several universities offer scholarships), we’ll also help them learn about overseas game play (there are career players who are paid to play overseas. Countries include, Italy, Spain, France, just to name a few.) And of course we’ll transition them to the NWBA which is where the Albuquerque Kings play in.

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior or have a child who would like to become a Junior player please call Coach Mel at (505) 750-2123 or Contact us using our website form and we’ll put you in touch with their coach.